Posted on: November 23, 2008 1:25 pm
Edited on: November 23, 2008 5:00 pm

The value of a win

From the outside perspective this is my fist year to actually follow Collage football.  And my opinion is that an early close Texas win over Oklahoma means less than the stomping that happened to Texas tech.  The true value of a win is PTs diff per game. you can beat any team at any time but the key is who, when, and how? 

Florida            +1
Sep 6Miami (Fla.) Won 26-3 at the time a bad team and that matters  +/- 0
Sep 27Mississippi Lost 30-31 who beat LSU as well but everyone does too +/-0
Oct 11LSU Won 51-21 sorry still not a good win +/-0
Nov 1@Georgia Won 49-10 the only solid win that no one can deny +1

Sep 6Cincinnati Won 52-26 a great non-con win +1
Sep 27TCU Won 35-10 one of the best def. +1
Oct 11Texas lost 35-45 10pt loss +/-0
Oct 18Kansas Won 45-31 who is the bye product of the big 12 but can still beat 85% of College football +1
Nov 22Texas Tech Won 65-21 44pt win +1
Alabama        +2
Sep 6Tulane Won 20-6 Tulsa beats them 56-7 +/-0
Sep 27@Georgia Won 41-30 good win +1
Oct 18Mississippi Won 24-20 if I put them has a - for others it’s a + here “the value of the win is pts diff per game +1
Nov 8@LSU Won 27-21 everyone beats them +/-0

            +3   the close wins hurt them
Oct 11 NF Oklahoma Won 45-35 only a close 10pt game but a win +1
Oct 18Missouri Won 56-31 a good win +1
Oct 25Oklahoma St. Won 28-24 a close 4pt win +/-0
Nov 1@Texas Tech lost 33-39 a great game but a 6pt loss +/-0
Nov 15@Kansas Won 35-7 good win but the problem lies in all big 12 win/loss no good non-con wins +1

Texas Tech            +3
Oct 25@Kansas Won 63-21 just like Oklahoma good win +1
Nov 1Texas Won 39-33 a great game but a 6pt win +1
Nov 8Oklahoma St. Won 56-20 great win +1
Nov 22@Oklahoma lost 21-65 the worst beating they have seen in a long time 44pt loss +/-0

              Team                             CONF        PTSG        YDSG
              Oklahoma                     BIG12        52.6        556.6
              Florida                          SEC          46.5        444.6
              Texas Tech                  BIG12        45.5        551.7
              Texas                           BIG12        43.5        471.0
              Oklahoma State         BIG12        41.6        492.6
              Southern California    PAC10      38.4        451.0
              Alabama                     SEC          31.7        367.1
              Georgia                       SEC           31.2        429.0                              ..                                                                                                                             LSU                             SEC        30.4        377.9
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